Arri-news 2014

Within only a few months of being released, AMIRA has been used on an amazing variety of productions all over the world, from social documentaries and wildlife films to commercials and branded content. Already gaining positive feedback after a successful first presentation at BIRTV in Beijing, AMIRA’s UHD option will widen these application areas still further, allowing it to be used on productions requiring a UHD workflow direct from camera. ALEXA is benefiting from the new ProRes 3.2K format, ensuring that it too can continue to meet the distribution needs of any production. With interest in anamorphic cinematography building (we have two articles featuring our Master Anamorphic lenses in this issue), ALEXA’s unique 4:3 sensor means it remains the camera of choice. Its exceptional dynamic range is also becoming increasingly relevant in an industry gradually realizing that high dynamic range has an even greater impact on viewing experience than spatial resolution. Through our work helping to promote Dolby®Vision™ technology, we are spreading the message that for capture as well as display, you need better pixels not just more pixels. On the lighting side our L-Series of LED Fresnels is growing with the release of the compact L5. Meanwhile our M-Series of daylight fixtures is building strong support worldwide; we have two user stories in these pages, one from the U.S. and the other from Japan. Also from Japan comes our restoration story, with Tokyo Laboratory using ARRISCAN Archive Technology to preserve and restore Godzilla films dating back to 1954. Visit for day-by-day news and videos throughout IBC. If you’re in Amsterdam for the show, don’t miss our various presentations and seminars. EDITORIAL Dr. Martin Prillmann Franz Kraus DEAR FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES CONTENTS 36 30 CAMERA 4 Three ALEXA XT camera models on Unbroken 6 New ProRes 3.2K format for UHD TV with ALEXA 8 ALEXA Software Update Packet (SUP) 10.0 16 Documentary for Vodafone captured with AMIRA 18 AMIRA to offer direct ProRes UHD output 20 First major software update for AMIRA: SUP 1.1 22 DP Bradford Young on the Master Anamorphics 24 Lens data with the Electronic Control System 30 Ron Fortunato, ASC, uses ALEXA on Elementary 32 SMB-1 tilting matte box in testing for sci-fi film 34 Master Anamorphics give Ford spots a movie look 38 ARRI supports German camera museum 2 ARRI NEWS